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Industry News
Plays for Sure, except when it doesn't.
Source: Paul Thurrott
David Gelernter says the future of the web is “Bring me what I want.”
The most radical change in Office 2013 is its new developer model.
Source: The Register
Shoot the messenger: target game opponents more accurately, then go for the (rhetorical) kill.
Source: Gamasutra
Think before you click, and never run as root.
Source: Ars Technica
Developer News
Acknowledge our shared stupidity. Commiserate just how difficult writing good clean code is...
Source: 8th Light
Paolo Bonzini shares some thoughts on improving GNU guidelines, project management and more.
Source: GNU Smalltalk
SOLID advice for programmers.
Source: Nettuts+
No mystical reality distortion field controls my destiny. It's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.
Source: MPG
Clang, EDG, GCC and even VS2012 in the cloud.
Source: Standard C++
Code Project Discussions - Your say!
...and are you more productive at home or in the office?
Source: The Code Project
Are git commands poorly named?
Source: The Code Project
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