Introducing Operators

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Because you will start to learn about control statements in C++, it's important to understand the C++ operators that exist in the language first, as they play an important role in control statements.

You will work with comparison operators to determine if values are equal, greater, or less than each other.  C++ also allows you to use mathematical operators for incrementing values to help control the number of iterations in a loop.  You can also make use of bitwise operators to speed up some operations in your code. 

+= (y += x)same as y = y + x
-= (y -= x)same as y = y - x
*= (y *= x)same as y = y * x
++increment by 1
--decrement by 1
==equal to
!=not equal to
>greater than
<less than
>=greater than or equal to
<=less than or equal to
&&logical AND
||logical OR
!logical NOT

This contents come from edx : Introduction to C++

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