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M E M O 2017.05.29 12:56

Long time no see. I;m back to developer using C#.

The picture was in Art museum..

It has been a long time not to coding..

When I move company on Nov in 2016. They give jobs about camera settings.

I don't know machine vision.

My main job was camera settings and support program like CS team.

I did 40 devices for smartphone display.

Most job was with Samsung Display.

Smart phone display is very brand-new.

Maybe that phone come out Fall season.

It is odd to set up 40 devices and enter clean room.

I stopped coding 4 or 5 months.

I had many complain about job. I felt disappointment. 

Company move other area and then it's hard to be used to new atmosphere.

I did struggled my job and tried to have job interview to leave..

Not easy.. It's tired of commuting for 1h 40min.

Anyway.. I grab chance to join new project.

The project was program.

Main feature is grab program.

So happy. yeh..  Finally back to my original purpose.

Today also meet my team manager..

I have many excuse .. Most time spend exercise and watching TV.

I avoid coding and learning..

My team manager said "Keep learning for future and life, Think diffrerence!"

I think it's right..

In the past, I hate vision part ..

I tried nothing to do and had slump and depressed feelings..

When I joined project, My eyes changed.

It's time to back my original status.

Me, have curious and keep seeing new....

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