Daily News - Pre-beta Windows 8.1 WinRT Developer APIs

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Industry News
So tonight I'm gonna browse 'em like it's 1999.
Source: Ariya Hidayat
Will the vertical simplicity of Apple's business will tilt the field in its favor?
Source: Monday Note
Registered developers can preview Mavericks starting today.
Source: Mac Rumors
At this point in the eighteenth century, a 254x254 matrix is what we call ”Bigge Data.”
Source: Kieran Healy
What's this? Flat design? Where have I seen that before...?
Source: Wired.com
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Developer News
Memory on Apollo: Bits, bytes, ounces and pounds.
Source: The Endeavour
School's nearly out for summer. Here's a pop quiz.
Source: mikeash.com
A code-first approach to new web standarads?
Source: The Extensible Web Manifesto
Which of these APIs looks interesting to you?
JavaScript, the soon-to-be good parts.
Source: Infragistics.com Blog
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Code Project Discussions - Your say!
Has Qt the capabilities to overrun Java and make the world a better place?
Source: CodeProject
Where are you on the make-it-from-scratch vs. use-third-party-solution debate?
Source: CodeProject


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